Is it illegal to access Red Room in the Deep Web? The Red Room Curse – Japanese Urban Legend

Get all the stuff regarding Red Room in the deep web. Several topics are discussed here, you can follow them to gain knowledge. Search for the topics that you came across our site and get them all you want. I guess, you know little about Red Room and further learn Is it illegal to access Red Room? How does the viewer connect to the RedRoom? And the most disturbing story on the deep web? This story is all about Peter Scully’s Red Room.

The Red Room story is a Japanese internet legend about a pop up which appears on the victim’s computer. The pop-up image shows a red door and a recorded voice asking the victim “Do you like the Red Room”.

Is it legal to access red room in the deep web

This pop-up message will reopen on the victim’s computer until the recorded voice message delivered. Those who have seen this pop-up message are found dead, their walls are painted red in their own blood.

The legend began with a flash animation of a young boy being cursed after encountering the pop-up but gained notoriety when it was found that the school girl who committed the Sasebo slashing in 2004.

On June 2004, an 11-year-old girl murdered her 12-year-old classmate Satomi Mitarai in Sasebo Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, by slitting her throat with a box cutter whose name has been withheld by most media outlets.

After this murder, it named “Sasebo Slashing“.

The 11-year old admitted murdering that it was done over a comment of calling her a “Goody-Goody” on the internet that she made.

On further investigation, they found that she bookmarked the red room flash animation on her computer. It was the unnerving discovery that leads to the Red Room’s notoriety over the last decade as a truly frightening force.

This is the original flash video that started the legend.

How does the Viewer connect to the Red Room?

  1. When you log into a Red Room, you might see the Harassment Scenario (say a Blindfolded woman is being tied to a rope with a chair).
  2. Once the Chat or Red Room gets locked; there begins the Cruelty for Psychics.
  3. As the webcam will be placed for sure in the Crime Scenario; the actions will get reflected according to the chats in the IRC channel.
  4. The viewer will send the email id to the website owner.
  5. Then website owner will send them the link to pay the charges.
  6. The user will pay the money and in return will get the access to entering into the website.
  7. The user will use that password and live cam show will be shown to the viewer where some person whose face is hidden behind the mask will show the subjects.
  8. The user will demand some action to be done with subjects and that action can be torture, cutting body parts, even torture to death.
  9. The higher the torture more the money demanded. I have come across two cases of real red rooms on the deep web.
  10. One is of ISIS saying that they will behead the Turkish soldier on some specific date and specific time and it will be live. Other is more horrific than this also.
  11. The second case is “The daisy destruction” which shook the internet world and it is one of the most horrific cases until now of child abuse.

By this,  the fate of that women shall be decided by the Red Room members.

It is not illegal to be into Red Room, but I will not suggest you be there, as with your presence in RR makes it indirectly tailed up with a Public Virtual Crime. Red Room probably got its name from a Japanese Video Game I guess.

The Most Disturbing and Horrifying Story on the Deep Web – Peter Scully’s Red Room Story

Peter Gerard Scully (born January 13, 1963) is an Australian who is, as of September 2016, on trial in the Philippines for numerous crimes, including child molestation, the murder of an 11-year-old Filipina girl, and the torture and sexual abuse of at least eight girls, including an 18-month-old infant.In 2011, Scully fled from Melbourne, Australia, to the Philippines after being accused of multiple frauds.

In 2011, Scully fled from Melbourne, Australia, to the Philippines after being accused of multiple fraud offenses. From the Philippine Island of Mindanao, he is alleged to have run an international pedophile ring and offered pay-per-view video streams of children being tortured and sexually abused on the deep web including a video titled Daisy’s Destruction.

On February 20, 2015, Scully was arrested in his rented house in Malaybalay City after investigators discovered the remains of a teenage girl, Rosie, buried under an apartment he had rented. He allegedly strangled her to death according to police who were led to the apartment by Scully’s partner, a 17-year-old Filipino girl, who was also his girlfriend and a prior victim of his abuse.

Margaret Akullo, then Project Coordinator for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and an expert on child abuse investigations, described the case as “horrific” and the worst she had ever heard of.

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