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Hey guys, first of all Happy New Year from all of us at CYBERTRON and this article is going to be little different from my regular articles.Today I am not going to talk about hacking or any other thing like that, today I am going to talk about a new giant in house “Defense Pacific” a brand new cyber security company in the market with the tagline “Secure Your Future”. Founder and C.E.O being Aman Yadav who is currently studying in 10th grade and Co-Founders are Arpit Pandey (renowned Cyber Graphics Designer) and Mohammad Yahya and the startup is a team of 15-20 cyber securityenthusiast.The startup is currently supported by some renowned cyber companies like Digital 4n6 Journal, Cyber Shrishti , Hackers Day , National Information Security Council, Digital India and many others. When we asked the Founder/CEO to describe Defense Pacific he said :-

“To protect and manifest modern cyber space excluding the others we just do not do things to remuneration our main and solo motive is the rehabitation of cyber security .Future public education will require involvement and collaboration in cloud security, malware protection, trianing, traditonal cyber security, graphic designing, app and website development, board of speakers and non profitentities a concept I like to refer as ” Defense Pacific””

The startup provides many services necessary for today’s modern and digital world like:-

1.Graphic Design


3.Traditional Cyber Security

4.App and Website Development

5.Seminars & Workshops

6.Digital Forensics


8.Red Teaming

The startup had not been launched yet but when it does I recommend you all to check it out once.

So guys that’s it for today . Stay tuned for more!

Written by CYBER GUY


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